July 23, 2017

Volume 1, Number 4


Staying Alive with the Updates:

There have been some changes, none of which will affect production.


There have been indeed some delays as you may already have expected. This in no way kills the progress of the videos featured; some are merely delayed over others that are more mature in process. There will also be changes in the time frame the newsletter. It is now been moved over to Monthly as to better accommodate you with more material with every issue. Now, for the good news… Goddess Vivian will be collaborating with me on many clips and the spicy ideas for the stories will leave you breathless. The other is, some of the featured clips are almost complete.



Lucy has gone a long way since her infancy and may be one of my 1st releases since a long hiatus. An exclusive subscriber trailer is soon to come.


The Big and Hungry

This one is a dime toss as it has a lot of work put in it, as well as it being highly anticipated release because of its strong, raunchy nature and the only clip of its kind.

Village of the Giantess

Speaking of Abusive gigantic booties, Village of the Giantess offers tons of man-butt-squishing action that just might hit third on our list.







Unfortunate events have brought titanica to fourth place on our list. I’m more than certain it will not be permanent and our beautiful  titanica will rise once again.



This is our current lineup to date.


As always, our back issues can be found at…