June 19, 2017

Volume 1, Number 3



Moving along with a Kinky Optic Dreams line up of Giantesses!


Greetings fellow Giantess Lovers!


I’ll begin with apologizing for the long hiatus this past week.

So many projects, so little time. Here I have a Kinky (you’ll see what I mean, later) lineup of what I have in the bag. Some of these are in their final phases and will soon be released. 


We have Lucy, played by the talented Goddess Kinky.


“LUCY” Approx Running Time: 30 Mins.


A story of a man trapped inside a deities’ world. Initially benign. goddess Lucy greets him into her world only to later enslave him as her personal play thing. Lots of slow growth, underfoot stomps, hand play, mouth play, fart smother and butt crush in this clip.











“The Big & Hungry” Approx Running Time: 30 Mins.


Every so often, one comes across a clip that is so sweet and adorable one can’t help but love… well, this is not that type of clip. Enter the world of Alandra. A young girl used as a Guinea Pig for a mad experiment by bio geneticist Will Majors. Things get out of control when the now, colossal Alandra rampages through town seeking revenge from the lover who tricked her. This one is a gem for fans with hard limits as it contains extreme graphic and raunchy material rarely found in clips of its kind.



“Kinkychula from Space” Approx Running Time: 30 Mins.


Goddess Kinky returns as Kinkychula from Space. A race of gargantuan beauties known as Megachulas sends a giantess soldier to collect samples of earth while having some fun with its inhabitants. A visual eye candy of juicy, giantess fun.


“Titanica” Approx Running Time: Not Yet Rated.

Our Newest model entry goes to the lovely Manda Nicole in the role of Titanica.

Manda, a young wrestler known to her fellow wresters as Titanica, obsesses in becoming the best of her kind and participates in an obscure experimental hormonal drug promising immediate muscle growth results. When one frustrated Manda does not see the results she was promised, she overdoses with ginormous consequences. Power driven by her new colossal stature, the now gargantuan Manda sets out to terrorize her now miniscule city as Titanica.  Click Image to sample video clip


“Village of the Giantess” Approx Running Time: 20 Mins.


Village of the Giantess is a story about a young girl played by Goddess Kinky who loves her pot. After discovering a rare type of pot growing right outside her yard, she immediately enjoys it and grows huge. Believing she’s merely under the effects of the plant she takes on to sitting on or stomping anything in her way. This proves to be trouble for the town’s authorities now trying to contain her. 


“Oshun” Approx Running Time: 35 Mins.

Although an abandoned project, Oshun showed huge promise, as well as one of my favorites.

The story revolved over an Evil Goddess named Oshun who was trapped in a crystal, in a construction goof up, she was accidentally released. Now free of her prison, she grew to immense proportions to enjoy the new era, be devouring its people.


“Attack of the 80 ft. Kinky” Approx Running Time: 70 Mins.


In Attack of the 80 foot Kinky, Goddess Kinky playing a young girl who at the end of her rope, asks for a single wish… to be granted the power to take revenge upon the world that treated her so badly, with a lightning strike her wish was grated as she grew to dangerous proportions. Now equipped with a gigantic body, she was ready to let loose her fury upon the world.


“Intruder” Approx Running Time: 18 Mins.


A diminutive enemy spy has infiltrated Goddess Kinky’s Bedroom and is after a highly advanced shrinking amulet… the same one Kinky used to shrink him down to size. If he isn’t careful, she just may just finish the job.



And there you have it folks….More Giantess than you can shake a stick at.

That’s it for now, will keep you all posted on the 1st store arrival. And as always, if you missed out on the last issues, make sure to click this link.



Gustavo G.