June 9, 2017

Volume 1, Number 2





Contrary to popular belief, the Deezilla Project, starring no other than our gorgeous NYCGoddess Dee isn’t an abandoned one. it has undergone numerous revisions since its initial debut and is one of the most ambitious projects. The other smasher on the list is Queen Konga, featuring Kymberly Jane.


Such a delight developing Queen Konga because it portrays a somewhat ditsy as well as beautiful giantess in a position of absolute power. Her worshippers live in constant fear with no way of stopping this gorgeous behemoth. They undergo a series of test, some losing their lives, crushed deep between her plump derriere.

Speaking of Plump Derrieres, Giant super Girl played by one stunning Alisa Marie has tons, and they are falling on us like a mountain in The Luther Wars. Super Girl, Sent to investigate a mysterious planet, Super Girl discovers Lex Luthor’s hidden fortress as he is building an army set to conquering earth. When Super girl intervenes, Luthor tries to stop her using a Red Kryptonite Gem and things get colossal.

While Back on Earth, Goddess Vivian is growing to new heights, in The Craving 2: Unleashed. This sequel takes place where the last one left off, with an expanding twist. The Succubus Vivian, having consumed more victims undergoes a growth spurt that increases her size, the more people she ingests, the bigger she grows. As she grows, her vampiric energy affects others like her, and they too begin to grow to gigantic proportions. Chaos ensues, as the now towering behemoths begin fighting one another for supremacy.   And the Saga Continues…